Wright Home Services specializes in absentee homeowner/home watch on Hilton Head Island. Never spend your first day of vacation dusting, repairing damage or clearing the pool again! Enjoy knowing your home will be in the same pristine condition you left it in – until you return!

Relax. Your home is in good hands.

We understand the challenges and concerns absentee homeowners face. We provide a level of service that not only provides peace of mind your home is secure in your absence, but maximizes your enjoyment while you’re in residence.

Personal Service

It’s about peace of mind. And we offer plenty of it. We not only watch your home, we can also prepare your home for your return and take care of cleaning and securing it when you leave.

Why use our Home Watch service?

  • No burden on neighbors, friends or family members
  • Save energy by monitoring air conditioning
  • Lengthen lifespan of appliances and home fixtures through maintenance
  • Secure home against storms and any undesirables
  • Reduce chance of major damage through routine inspections
  • Overall peace of mind that your home is in the trusted hands of local professionals

Home Watch Service Visits Include:

  • Examine all doors and windows to insure they are locked and secure
  • Pick up mail, flyers, and newspapers so your departure is kept discreet
  • Ensure exterior lights are working
  • Walk around perimeter to detect any issues
  • Monitor landscaping and check sprinkler systems
  • Pool, spa, and equipment monitoring
  • Ensure security system is functioning properly
  • Ensure air conditioner is set and functioning properly
  • Check for signs of pest or insect infestation
  • Check all areas for signs of water leaks or damage
  • Check electrical panel, reset tripped breakers
  • Run faucets, showers, garbage disposals
  • Flush toilets to prevent stagnant water
  • Check refrigerator and freezer
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine to prevent seals from drying out
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Water plants as needed
  • Check air filters

Arrival and Departure Preparation:

The last day of your vacation should be relaxing. And so should the first. We’ll check off the list of chores so your departure and arrival are stress free.

Home Watch Waiting Service

Expecting a delivery, cable repairman, or any other person you need attended to? We can meet them at your home as your trusted representative.

Hurricane Preparation and Follow Up

Wright Home Services will secure your property for a hurricane by putting furniture and objects that may become airborne away and closing all hurricane shutters as soon as a Hurricane Watch is issued.  We can also install hurricane shutters if requested.

After a storm, we can return all secured items and perform a post storm inspection.

In the event your property is damaged by a storm, Wright Home Services has the resources to handle all repairs to restore your property and surrounding areas.

Need minor repairs or major renovations?

Yep, we offer that too. So, if you’ve put off repairing that leaky faucet or that room addition you’ve always wanted, we can work on it while you’re away.

Call us today at 843-290-9035 to schedule a consultation.